LG Optimus L7 Dual Sim Card


Optimus-L7-DualLG is one smartphone vendors who do not want to be outdone by other major vendors. This time LG L-series issued a new variant in the form of a sequel L7 using dual sim card.

In addition to using dual sim card, LG Optimus L7 will use 4.3 inch IPS screen and the Android operating system 4.1 Jelly Bean, as well as on the supported processor 1 GHz dual-core Cortex A5. Also LG L7 also uses a camera with a resolution of 8 megapixels, and 720p HD video. LG L7 uses the power of the battery 2460 mAh and with these specifications can make the LG is not inferior to other Smartphones.

Regarding the color variants in LG Optimus L7 is, there will be two colors namely black and white standard. As per the news, LG Optimus Dual L7 will be scheduled for launch in Russia towards the end of February with a $ 432 price range

Galaxy Xcover2, Waterproof Mobile Phone From Samsung


Galaxy-Xcover2Samsung is one of the most brilliant smartphone vendor with Android system used in all of the new products at this time. And so many have reached the highest point of success with the green is.

After some time ago Samsung released the Galaxy S III Mini as its new flagship product, but it does not seem to want to wait a long time, Samsung wants to introduce a new mobile phone, namely the Galaxy Xcover2 hardiness. This new smartphone has IP 67, designed resistant to water and dust. Besides this new phone in a claim can survive in water depths up to one meter for 30 minutes.

Besides being able to survive, this phone is also designed in order to remain able to do activities such as taking photographs, and more than that, the specs are pretty good too. Xcover 2 relies Jelly Bean Android operating system 4.1, with screen sizes 4 inch WVGA TFT display, GPS, GLONASS using a 5 megapixel camera with LED flash equipped, dual-core 1GHz processor, 1GB of RAM and 4GB of internal memory, microSD slot and battery 1700 mAh.

by looking at the design specification is strong enough, it seems sufficient to prove the advantages claimed as the most powerful mobile phone from Samsung at this time. Mobile Xcover 2 is likely to be immediately marketed to different parts of the world with a price tag in the range of USD 350 to USD 400.

iPhone 5S Using Plastic Materials


iPhone 5S recently in proclaim will soon be released by Apple apparently there are some differences that emerged from the previous generations of the iPhone 4S. 

iPhone-5SFrom some of the differences between the other material terms of the body that in life, if the iPhone 4S before taking the glass on the rear, or the iPhone 5, the body uses material from aluminum, but for the iPhone 5S in mention will be using plastic materials.

From the news circulated, iPhone 5S using plastic materials for the body to be in because it is more affordable, and it seems like it is more about reinforcing rumors that Apple will launch a cheaper iPhone.

But in addition to changes in the material body, have not heard any more about the specs of the iPhone 5S will like. And it appears that in addition to the iPhone 5S, Apple will launch the iPad generation, the iPad 5 which supposedly would use super clear screen from Sharp.
5S iPhone or iPad 5 will be launched this year with Desai that it made ​​much different from previous generations, such as the iPhone 5S LED Flash only has greater or iPad 5 with edges thinner than the iPad 4.

RAZR M Pink Launch For Valentine's Day


razr-pinkValentine is coming, and for some people in the world is a pretty special day of an ordinary day. And because it is considered special, many items are special edition released for Valentine's Day, and this time it is not inferior to a mobile phone.

Verizon does not seem to want to lose to other products that intentionally create special products on Valentine’s Day. Verizon has just announced that they will release their products come with a model for the pink RAZR M. And the product will be marketed in order to welcome Valentine's Day.

In addition to the color change, RAZR M is also no change in the 4G LTE chip, dual-core Snapdragon S4 CPU and 4.3 inch screen. Butter prices were at stake that the company was not so expensive at $ 99 only.

For those of you who want to complete with knick knacks Valentine's Day pink, there is no harm in choosing a smartphone as a gift for the person who was loved

Motorola X With Android Key Lime Pie


android-key-lime-pieGoogle's acquisition of Motorola finally proved correct, and the giant technology companies will soon be published on the Motorola set X as one of the first smartphones that will use their latest version of Android is Key Lime Pie.

According to news circulating, Google will launch the smartphone in the event I / O in May to come. And not just using Android 5.0, but Motorola X also proclaim will use a wide screen size is 5.0 inch.

Motorola X to be released is not a variant of the Nexus, because the smartphone is claimed as a separate sub-brand is more specific than Google for Motorola as special treats. Looks like it is to prove that the giant companies tend to ignore the Motorola brand as news spread.

besides using Android 5.0, on some of the outstanding Android forums said that Motorola X will also be present with a user interface (UI) such that Nexus is integrated with features that exceed the S-Beam S-Voice on Samsung Galaxy S III.

With the presence of the new features and Android 5.0 Key Lime Pie in the expected product from Motorola will be a success like the Nexus and other products of IT giant Google is.

iPhone 5S With Fingerprint Detection


iphone5SNot long ago, Apple made a truce that was big enough for the gadget world with the launch of the iPhone 5 be a major invasion of gadget lovers. And is starting to sound more new news about the iPhone 5S already spread everywhere.

According to news heard, Apple will launch the premium phone in July that will come with some new features that bring more advanced than previous iPhone versions. In the new mobile phones in proclaim will include feature detection fingerprint on the home button the iPhone 5S.

The usefulness of the new features to strengthen security passwords for applications such as mobile payment system, the presence of these features are expected to make the iPhone 5S will be more secure. And besides that users need not worry if their smartphone will be misused by others.

If it is true tone aka the fingerprint feature on the iPhone 5S, then it is, of course, the smartphone will be the most secure mobile devices at this time.

Apple Back in Trouble With The Patent


apple-patentFor a long time Apple stumble into problems with the law or the rights paten. This time Apple got a problem with one stumbling block Railway Company from Russia.

The problem is that Apple sells an application using the logo of Russian railways RZD without permission from the owner. From the RZD problem sue Apple for USD 65,000. application dizzy or a third-party developer that offers Russian Railways tariff information, but because RZD obliged to protect intellectual property rights in particular logo used without permission makes Apple got into trouble.

And before that, Apple also stumbled same problem with a company from Cupertino about the design of the classic Swiss clock in iOS 6, but eventually both sides agreed to terms and Apple pay some money as a substitute for such negligence.

For some reason, it seems the giant companies are often oblivious of the truth does not need to be done by a reputable company like Apple.

Graph Search New Feature Facebook


graph-searchFacebook, which has recently made a new look timeline, now, seemed to not want to stop here. Because Facebook has just introduced a new feature called those in Graph Search. And of those features described as a way to find information from your friends on Facebook

The information referred to in it, among others, what store they came, about favorite sports, and so forth. And to enjoy these features relatively easy, because the living facebook users to type a sentence in the box that has been provided.

But the facebook confirmed that the new feature is not web search, as the search results that appear only on the information shared by friends on facebook. And for so far only a limited number of users who can use the feature, before eventually will be released to all facebook users in the world. But if you are eager to try out the new features, you can visit the following link
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