Sony Photo Exhibition First Real-Time in The World


realtimephotoThis time Sony wanted to give something different, that typically provide the latest technology news on the launch, but this time it was an exhibition in the claims as exhibits real-time digital photography in the world.

The exhibition, which will last only one night only, featuring the work of three photographic namely Lee Strickland, William Daniels and Paul Sullivan who was assigned to take pictures of the 3 different locations, namely London, Paris and Berlin.

In the shots, they are equipped with the Sony NEX-5R. After the they get a picture of each of them requested to immediately send the results to the London Gallery through its built-in wifi that is in their camera.

If the general exhibition displays the images taken prior to the exhibition, and visitors the opportunity to enjoy images that are already in print, it is not a photo exhibition this time is presented by Sony. The images received by the Gallery and then publish directly in as many as 14 screens in the exhibition hall. Total of all photos are in the show as much as 200.

Thus, visitors to the exhibition were invited to see what's going on in Paris, London and Berlin immediately. Cannot deny, that this is one way Sony introduces built-in wifi feature on the camera. Perhaps in this way, Sony can deliver real results before cameras on the market, so that prospective users also can not feel in doubt.
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  1. Iklane akeh ya, mba. . . :)
    Tante alexanya belum pecah ya? :)

    Oiya, tolong option untuk komentar ditambah dong, untuk yang berdomain. :)

    Sukses selalu ya? ^_*

  2. iyaa mbak..smbil nyelam nyari tw ada $$ mampir..hehhe

    soal alexa btul bgd mba..mpe berakar lum pecah jg.. :(

    owh y lupaa yg komen domain lum dkasi,,makasi bgd kunjungan+sran yg sangat membantu mbak.. :D


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